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TCG Leads $10.2 million round into Ready Player DAO

Ready Player DAO (“RPD”) is proud to announce a $10.2 million financing round led by The Chernin Group. The round is joined by 1kx, ConsenSys Mesh, Fourth Revolution Capital, Hashed, Koji and SterlingVC along with prominent angel investors including, David Choi and Richard Dai, Derek Lau, John Fiorelli, Jonathan Levine, Luke Youngblood, Marc Weinstein, Simon Sherwin, Tomas Martunas, and Zach Bruch. Formed in August 2021, RPD is a group of gaming nerds and metaverse explorers committed to harnessing the collective power of gaming to create equity for all.


“Digital ownership of your gaming assets will revolutionize the way players engage with platforms. As these new primitives take shape, it’s important to have partners that focus on enabling more players to participate in these ecosystems. TCG is excited to join RPD and support its mission of bringing web3 gaming to the masses.”

- Jonathan Moore, The Chernin Group


RPD will use the funds to expand vertically across the play and earn gaming ecosystem with three core focuses:



RPD passionately supports emerging Web3 gaming projects. We are excited by thoughtful teams that craft sound tokenomics in order to maximize scholarship potential, harness the power of player participation and facilitate ownership beyond the game play into networked economies.


“We believe that the Web3 and VR revolution will transform the $300 billion global gaming industry. Ready Player DAO brings us yet another step closer to the new era of incentivized gaming.” -Tomas Martunas, Managing Partner, Zen Capital

Community Expansion


RPD is nothing without our community. Strong guild, scholarship and e-sport teams empower our player community to actively influence the future of gaming. Our community has over 10,000 members with 3,000 scholars participating in gaming economies. RPD is positioned to scale and grow its community, education and asset lending programs as new projects come online. We believe in a meritocracy-focused community where gamers are able to join, collaborate, and move throughout games with other members of the guild.


“Blockchain gaming will onramp the next 100 million users into crypto. I’m excited to join Ready Player DAO to launch the next iteration of esports together with some of the smartest minds in metaverse and gaming.” — Rohit Gupta, SterlingVC


Education and Outreach


RPD is at the vanguard of the play and earn revolution. We will help usher in mass adoption for this new model of player ownership. Through education, we will help others understand why we are so passionate about the potential of play and earn gaming. As gaming evolves, digital asset ownership will tip the power balance back towards the players by rewarding them for their pivotal role in the success of a game’s ecosystem.

“Koji is thrilled to join the passionate collection of experts in RPD. Blockchain technology helps generate and distribute value within games more efficiently, generously, and equitably. The demographic for gaming is different to that of DeFi, and P2E is providing players with opportunities to earn and learn from a young age. Koji is excited to watch this industry mature and grow alongside RPD.” — Jean-Luc Shorey, Koji Capital


Our mission is to make play and earn the dominant model of gaming. Investing in projects, organizing players and evangelizing the power of play and earn, are the necessary components that will drive our success and that of the larger Web3 gaming space. Please join us as we take this next step in this revolution. Please reach out and follow us on Twitter @ReadyPlayerDAO to stay up to date on our latest news.

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