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Zen Capital Invests in Solana ecosystem: Alfprotocol

Zen Capital has completed an Angel round investment  in Alfprotocol - a decentralized leveraged liquidity provision dApp built on the Solana blockchain.


With a portfolio that includes market-leading companies like SolChicks, Mars4, SpellFire, and Ertha, Zen Capital is one of the most active crypto funds , with interest in Web3, Play-to-earn (P2E) games, Metaverses and decentralized finance.

Leveraged Liquidity Provision and Yield Farming



Alfprotocol chose to build on Solana's blockchain to expand on decentralized liquidity provision and yield farming platform, allowing for previously unseen leverage in a variety of applications.


To maximize liquidity provision (LP), the protocols will efficiently handle capital deployment between traders and investors. This will be accomplished through AlfMM (a decentralized exchange service) and AAlf (an overcollateralized borrowing service) for unleveraged liquidity and via external protocols that are handled by one of the protocols associated with Alfprotocol.


Users can enter leveraged positions in a variety of assets using the Alf Leverage Protocol. The Alf team originally expects two key uses for the protocol: leveraged long/short transactions and leveraged LP yield farming.

An Alternative Investment Platform to Facilitate More Liquid Markets



Regardless of the benefits of liquidity depth and user experience, centralized exchanges were extremely troublesome in and of themselves. Hacks, scams, fraud, regulatory shutdowns, phishing, market manipulation, unscrupulous insider market makers, artificially inflated volumes, exorbitant fees of listing, and other issues have plagued the business in recent years. Over the years, several preventative and mitigation measures have been put in place; however, centralized platforms have kept their original flaws.


Through the connection of low-risk, low-effort investors who provide liquidity to lending procedures with risk-seeking, active management investors who concentrate on leveraged liquidity provision and yield farming positions, Alf helps to improve capital efficiency and facilitate more liquid markets.


Zen Capital is excited to support the team behind the Alf Protocol and believes it to be an instrumental tool in the coming years. For more information please visit the following link.


ZenCapital.VC fund DeFi & Protocol investments



The Venture Capital fund Zen Capital fund early investments in the HyperC Dex, AlfProtocol, Soldex, AdaLend  and many more in the pipeline Web3 Startups taking part of DeFi industry transformation.

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