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SolChicks - Zen Capital’s Unicorn Investment

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Zen Capital is one of the most active funds in the crypto sector. The fund has invested in a number of projects in the field of decentralized finances, metaverses and blockchain-powered games.

SolChicks, a blockchain-based game, has received investment from Zen Capital and, in a short time, attracted the attention of many investors. The project is currently in the final stages of development, with a working demo available on their website.

We were happy to support SolChicks early and see on 2021 December 14 them reaching a 3.4 billion valuation on Coinmarketcap.

About SolChicks

SolChicks is the Solana ecosystem's fastest-growing and largest play-to-earn massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). With over 700,000+ members across Twitter, Discord, and Telegram in just three months since its initial launch on September 3, 2021.

More than 70,000 people have played the SolChicks playable demo, and on November 26, 2021, SolChicks held a world-record IDO on 30+ launchpads at the same time, setting a new record for simultaneous IDOs.

Project Fundamentals & Technical Situation

Since the 14th of December 2021, $CHICK has been trading on MEXC and Raydium, increasing daily as more traders become interested in the asset's current valuation and future price potential.

The price is currently settled between $0.2 and $0.25, signaling an accumulation phase for the token until the game’s full release.

A Play-to-Earn Gaming System for a Competitive Game

SolChicks are highly customizable, and their appearance is determined by the character's primary and secondary stats. These attributes are critical because they influence the health and damage output of your SolChick, as well as their power levels, among other things. Stats can be improved by using NFT attributes/items purchased and sold in the game. SolChick classes will become available to you if you have progressed to a certain level with your character. When you reach a higher Endgame level, you can enter the Masteries, which will allow you to enhance your power levels even further. These changes are intended to provide players with a more distinctive and enjoyable experience as they progress through the game!

The SolChicks gameplay incorporates many features that allow users to form relationships with their SolChicks. SolChicks’ unique pet gameplay, users can connect their SolChick in a variety of ways, and depending on how they interact with her; this might result in either rewards or losses.

Feeding and playing with your SolChick, or the lack thereof, will have an impact on your battle ability, either positively or negatively; therefore, it is critical that you keep your SolChick in good health.

Further exclusive feature is SolChick breeding, which is a rare privilege available only to users who have SolChicks that have reached Level 45 on the Progression Level tier. Users can theoretically hatch a SolChick with more unusual traits than its parents, but at a cost to the player's account.

ZenCapital.VC fund Metaverse & Gaming investments

The Venture Capital fund Zen Capital fund early investments in the P2E Gaming & Metaverse ecosystem include: Mars4, Eartha, Moon, Venus, Aarmaldia,, Zomfi, SolChics, Monstropoly, Zen Fighters, Momentibles, Wizardia, Spellfire as well as Ready Player DAO and many more in the pipeline Web3 Startups taking part of Gaming industry transformation.

The Metaverse is just in the beginning, as this revolution unfolds, the Metaverse will radically change every aspect of our lives.


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