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Crypto stands with turkey

Edition #51 - 10 FEB 2023

The crypto community has pledged >$3.2M of crypto donations to Turkey's earthquake relief.

You can do your part for Turkey through the AHBAP NGO here.

gaming developments

  • ​​Our portfolio company Ready Player DAO announces a partnership with NEAR.

  • You Can Now Play DOOM Directly On Bitcoin.

  • Game studio Voltex was backed by a16z Games during a Series A funding round; the amount raised wasn’t disclosed.

  • Bet-to-Play: the real 10x paradigm shift in crypto gaming. Play-to-Own (P2O), the dominant economic model, makes big improvements on its predecessor, Play-to-Earn (P2E), but it may be insufficient on its own to catalyze the accelerated growth of crypto gaming. We dive into an alternative model we've called Bet-to-Play, which focuses more on skill-based gambling in gameplay, rather than the ownership aspects which are a focus of Play-to-Own.

metaverses & Adoption


  • Modular scaling layer for DeFi GammaSwap raised $1.7M in a seed funding round led by Skycatcher Crypto, with participation from Dialectic, Space Whale Capital, Modular Capital, Portico Ventures, Ouroboros Capital, Owl Ventures, RenGen and Manifold Trading.

  • The Holy Grail of Farms is back: Camelot, a DEX on Arbitrum, is quickly gaining more popularity along with other tokens in the Arbitrum ecosystem. The platform currently offers rewards in the form of its native GRAIL tokens, as well as the locked version (xGRAIL), to liquidity providers. Users can earn up to 197% APY for providing dual-sided liquidity on the exchange and boost their yields even further by locking their GRAIL into xGRAIL.

  • Decentralized Identity Network Space ID raised $10M in a strategic funding round led by Polychain Capital and dao5.

funding rounds

  • Connecting crypto wallets to Twitter accounts? There is a solution for that: (Tomer S., co-founder and CEO). The company has announced completion of a $7.5M seed round to facilitate the further development of its digital fingerprinting product, which enables matching crypto wallets with social media profiles.

  • Sumi Network is a Web3 infrastructure provider builds out its decentralized communication and storage solutions raised $3 million.

  • DeFi Marketplace Archimedes Raises $4.9M in Seed Round Led by Hack VC.


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