Play-to-earn, metaverses and VR are going mainstream in 2022. Or, at least, getting the recognition

Updated: Feb 15

Edition #1 - 21 JAN 2022

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gaming and metaverses

vr developments

  • Disney is optimistic that VR will showcase a clear implementation of metaverse to the physical world;

  • Apple reportedly does not intend to follow Meta (formerly Facebook) in their metaverse push - instead, the company's "mixed reality" headset will be focused on shorter periods of gaming, communication, and content consumption.

zen portfolio highlight

This week we highlight our portfolio company Ertha, a real world simulation, crypto based NFT game featuring a player driven economy, wars and politics.

With a backing of top tier VC funds, 20,000 NFT sales to date and yielding an ROI of circa 2,000% since it's record breaking 4th of January listing on Huobi Prime, Ertha is already in pole position to be the leading metaverse.

Find out more about Ertha and keep in-the-loop with the latest developments on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.


  • The first decentralised bond market, SuperBonds, launches on Solana after raising over $3 million during an oversubscribed Seed round in November. DeFi’s debutant fixed-interest rate market aims to pioneer anchored yield instrument alternatives for stablecoin returns;

  • Multichain, the premier Cross Chain Router Protocol, has warned of a potential security breach affecting the platform. Two days later, reports of stolen funds emerge, with user losses reaching an estimated $3 million.

funding rounds

  • Animoca Brands closes another funding round (its 4th since May) by raising $358.8 million with a pre-money valuation of over $5 billion.

  • DeFi API start-up Conduit raises $17 million with a round lead by Portage Ventures, including the ex-partner of a16z, Rex Salisbury;

  • DeFi Alliance, a web3 start-up accelerator raises $50 million in a bid to shift to DAO structure;

  • Stader Labs, a Luna staking management platform, raises $12.5 million from Three Arrows, Accel and GoldenTree, closing the round at a valuation of $450 million.


Governments around the world are tightening cryptocurrency regulations, with Singapore and UK watchdogs announcing proposals to limit crypto advertising.

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