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NEWS & Weekly Essentials

Edition #101 - 29 MAR 2024

gaming developments

  • ​​​​Our Portfolio company MARS4 will launch a brand new game and token.​​

  • Content network that rewards users for their time and attention Everyworld closed funding round from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z crypto), Hashed, Dragonfly Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca Ventures, Lightspeed, Sfermion, Griffin Gaming Partners, Foresight Ventures, IOSG Ventures, NGC Ventures (NEO Global Capital), Inception Capital (ex OP Crypto), Pillar VC, Neon DAO, Liberty City Ventures, Galaxy Interactive, Brevan Howard Digital. Amount raised is not disclosed.

  • ​​AAA game development studio Gunzilla Games raised $30M in a funding round led by CoinFund, Blizzard, with participation from Republic Capital (ex Republic Labs), Morningstar Ventures.

  • Game studio Illuvium raised $12M in a Series A funding round led by Arrington Capital, King River Capital, Animoca Brands, The Spartan Group, with participation from Arca Fund, Selini Capital, Laser Digital, P2 Ventures (Polygon Ventures), 32bit Ventures, Yield Guild Games (YGG).

  • Web3 gaming platform Elixir Games raised $14M in a Seed funding round from SQUARE ENIX, Shima Capital, Solana Foundation.

  • ​​Sci-Fi world and card game Parallel raised $35M in a funding round from Distributed Global, The Operating Group, VanEck, Focus Labs, Big Brain Holdings, Solana Ventures, Devmons, WWVentures, Builder Capital, Open Source Software Capital (OSSC), Base Ecosystem Fund, Collab+Currency, Synergis Capital, Amber Group, The Spartan Group.​​

metaverses & AI

  • ​​Web3-enabled AI platform focused on creators MyShell raised $11M in a funding round led by Dragonfly Capital, with participation from Delphi Ventures, Bankless Ventures, Maven 11 Capital, Nascent, Nomad Capital, OKX Ventures (ex OKEx Blockdream Ventures), Balaji Srinivasan, Illia Polosukhin, Casey K. Caruso, Santiago R. Santos.

  • ​​Web3 AI training firm Flock raised $6M in a Seed funding round led by Lightspeed Faction, Tagus Capital, with participation from Digital Currency Group (DCG), Volt Capital, OKX Ventures (ex OKEx Blockdream Ventures), Inception Capital (ex OP Crypto), Kenzi Wang.

  • ​​AI trading infrastructure rug ai raised $1.10M in a Pre-seed funding round led by No Limit Holdings (NLH), with participation from Mask Network, Prismatic Capital, Builder Capital, Formless Capital.

  • ​​Modular AI chain 0G Labs raised $35M in a Pre-seed funding round led by Hack VC, with participation from Alliance DAO (ex DeFi Alliance), Animoca Brands, Delphi Digital, Symbolic Capital (ex Hyperedge Capital), OKX Ventures (ex OKEx Blockdream Ventures), Quantstamp, Daedalus, WAGMI Ventures, NGC Ventures (NEO Global Capital), dao5 (daofive), Bankless Ventures, gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC), Blockchain Builders Fund (BBF), Conflux Network, LongHash Ventures, Abstract Ventures, Dispersion Capital, Formless Capital, P2 Ventures (Polygon Ventures), Samsung Next, Backed, IMO Ventures, No Limit Holdings (NLH), Lecca Ventures, Eterna Capital, Wise3 Ventures, Crypto Times, Alumni Ventures (AVG), Builder Capital, Paramita, Orange DAO, Artichoke Capital, Zephyrus Capital, AlphaCrypto Capital, AVID3, Arca Fund.


  • ​​Bitcoin DeFi platform ALEX raised $10M in a Strategic funding round led by The Spartan Group, with participation from Coin Merge Strategy (CMS), Digital Asset Capital Management (DACM), DWF Labs, Foresight Ventures, Ouroboros Capital, Summer Ventures, Cultur3 Capital, Everest Ventures Group (EVG).

  • ​​DeFi protocol Unstable Money raised $2.5M in a Seed funding round from Lattice Fund, Laser Digital, Axelar Network, Blockchain Founders Fund, Agnostic Fund, Artichoke Capital, Black Edge Capital, NewTribe Capital, NxGen, BlockBuilders.

funding rounds

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Succinct, a two-year-old San Francisco startup that is developing zero-knowledge proofs technology to protect privacy in transactions and data sharing, raised $55 million is seed and Series A financings led by Paradigm, with Robot Ventures, Bankless Ventures, Geometry, and ZK Validator as well as the founders of Polygon and EigenLayer also participating. ​​

  • ​​Trading-optimised modular L2 Reya Network raised $10M in a funding round from Framework Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Wintermute, Fabric Ventures, Brevan Howard Digital, Amber Group, Robot Ventures.

  • ​​Hybrid layer-2 network BOB (Build on Bitcoin) raised $10M in a Seed funding round led by Castle Island Ventures, with participation from Mechanism Capital, Coin Merge Strategy (CMS), Bankless Ventures, Alliance DAO (ex DeFi Alliance), Asymmetric fund, Antalpha Ventures, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, RockawayX, UTXO Management, Web3 com Ventures, Zee Prime Capital, ViaBTC Capital, Modular Capital, Daedalus, IOSG Ventures, Hypersphere, Digital Finance Group (DFG), Nexo, domo.

  • ​​Asset tokenization protocol Midas raised $8.75M in a funding round led by Framework Ventures, BlockTower Capital, HV Capital, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, GSR Markets LTD, Hack VC, 6th Man Ventures (6MV), Axelar Network, FJ Labs, Cathay Ledger Fund, Theia Ventures, Lattice Fund, PEER Venture Partners.


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