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An experienced Technology Executive with over 15 years of management experience, Dylan has launched and scaled businesses across Europe and Dubai for US companies like LinkedIn and Salesforce. Entering the Digital Asset space as a Bitcoin maximalist in 2016, his view of the market has evolved and his focus is now exclusively on Web3 startup investment, incubation and advisory. His extensive portfolio at Zen Capital spans Decentralized Finance, Metaverses, and Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming as well as alternative Layer 1’s like Solana, Avalanche and Terra (and their nascent DeFi ecosystems) and Ethereum Layer 2 scaling rollups. 


A true Digital Nomad, Dylan has travelled to over 35 countries and is an avid surfer and wakeboarder. Dylan holds a BA Honours degree in Business and International Politics from Trinity College Dublin.

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Tomas is a prolific early-stage Venture Capital fund partner, Board Member & Angel Investor, bringing over 20 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Early-stage investment management & Banking from organizations like Swedbank, Iron Wolf Capital, Goldfishfund to ZenCapital. His legacy investment portfolio includes successful ventures in Mobile Apps (Appcamp, SIR, SnapnSave), Healthcare (Aichom or SITYEA), E-Commerce (Mobofree, Pigu Group, Foodout Group), Clean Energy (Electric Vehicles: Dancerbus, Solar Energy: Pawame, Forest management: Foros Global) and many others... During his banking career, his team managed a 9 Billion Euro corporate lending portfolio. 


Awards won back in early founders’ days: Brave Investment of the Year 2015 (Ministry of Economics), the European Enterprise Promotion Award and The Best Entrepreneurship Spirit Initiative in Europe 2014 (European Commission), CSR Initiative of the Year 2014 (Swedish Business Awards), Most Successful Young High-tech Company in Lithuania 2013 (Knowledge Economy Forum), supported by the President of Lithuania.


Today Tomas focuses on investing and advising pure-play crypto startups with an emphasis on Web3 infrastructure, P2E & NFT Gaming, Metaverses, and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). 


Tomas holds two Master’s degrees in Finance and in Law. Outside of his work life, Tomas is a Black belt 2nd Dan in Shotokan Karate, and last but not least is a happy husband and father of five wonderful kids.

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Rokas joined the Zen team as an Analyst with a background in traditional finance, namely private wealth management, equity and credit research. Being a tech enthusiast, his focus recently shifted to analyzing and locating opportunities for capital deployment across Web3 structures, spanning DeFi, P2E projects, Metaverses and DAOs. 


Away from work, he is an avid football fan, enjoys chess, cooking and is partial to an odd glass of wine.


Rokas holds a BA Honours degree in Finance and Banking from Sheffield Hallam University.

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