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Terra’s stablecoin peg collapses, LUNA closing to zero amid broader crypto meltdown

Edition #17 - 13 MAY 2022

UST trades as low as 10 cents on the dollar, LUNA loses well over 99% of its market cap overnight. Binance suspends both UST and LUNA trading.

gaming developments

  • Axie Infinity releases Origin Android APK, bringing a number of updates and bug fixes;

  • Leading fantasy football card platform Sorare is set to launch Major League Baseball game;

  • Pegaxy announced the launch of its Android mobile platform, bringing the game to mobile audiences;

  • Ready Games will help developers with integrating crypto into mobile Web2 games in compliance with Apple and Google app store rules.

metaverses & Adoption

zen portfolio highlight

This week we highlight our portfolio company Wizardia, a triple-a Play-to-Earn fantasy gaming experience based on innovative turn-based combat, player decision-driven game evolution and upgrade-based character progression.

We are excited to announce that the team at Wizardia has been whitelisted for and won the latest PancakeSwap Community Farm Auction! The 7 day “auction farm” is live – the boosted 550% APR is still up for grabs.

Find out more about Wizardia by joining their thriving communities on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.


funding rounds

  • Moralis, a web3 development platform, has completed its $40 million Series A round with EQT Ventures, Fabric Ventures, Coinbase Ventures and Dispersion Capital, amongst others, joining the round;

  • KuCoin, a leading exchange, has raised a $150 million pre-Series B. The company was valued at $10 billion, with the funding lead by Jump Crypto and including Circle Ventures, Matrix Partners and IDG Capital;

  • BVNK, a crypto banking platform, has closed a $40 million Series A funding round this week, valuing the business at $340 million, lead by Tiger Global.


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